Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wuss Ride ON, Slab City Riot OFF

Just like the flyer says; Bring your own Food and Drink. We're going "rave" style as far as where we'll end up, but it WILL NOT be at SLAB CITY, that I promise you.
(You can ride with (w)US(s) or you can shoot there by a route of your own choice... the point is to have a great time camping with friends and riding some motorcycles dang namb'it!). We'll still be in Temecula handing out the greatest stuff for an event that "never happened...." I'm leaving tomorrow late afternoon to drink a few with Beer Booter's Terry, so if I having any additional information, I'll throw up in a post. Other than that, keep up with facebook and the threads on Chop Cult. Now, let's go for a ride!


  1. This fuckin sucks... This gotsta be a mutha fuckin joke....

  2. Where is the meet up for the WUSSS Ride?

  3. The Swing Inn in old town Temecula. ride leaves at 11:00.

  4. Raining in Torrance right now. The storm is moving NE and will not present a problem for the ride! Me and Lucifer are taking off around 8:00 for Temec. See you guys around 10.

  5. where is the alternate camping spot? I was with you then got lost in the rain! argh.

  6. Hope you guys didn't get too drenched, heading back up to Murrieta from Miramar this afternoon it was pretty bad, I was pretty much soaked to the bone. I actually had to hide under an overpass for a bit to escape a torrential downpour. Having lived in Washington state for about 5 years that says a lot.


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