Sunday, July 31, 2011

muff e' nuff... Oh yeah.

 If you were at the Salt Ghost premier on July 30th you probably got a blue-meth biker wristband for the Wuss Ride... If you missed the movie, that's ok too, we'll still be handing out wristbands at a few more southern california events before the next Slab City Riot (3). Stay tuned for time and place(s) but already I can tell you that you need to be at WOMPY'S POOL PALACE for the Internet Chopper Hero Jamboree (click the link!) hosted by The Beer Booters and Still Kicking on August 20th 2011 at High Noon!
Ok, so what the deal with the wristbands? Well, it's like this; last year we had about 75 riders join us on the Wuss Route to Niland/Slab City/the Slab City Riot 2. This year, Biltwell and Chop Cult are doublin' the fun of the Riot and now it's TWO nights. We'll be riding out on night #1 (friday) from Temecula sometime around 10am and plan on spending the weekend amongst the dirt and skirt. I know there's a bunch of you who have to work and are going to wait to the last minute to ask for the extra day off, so get your act in gear. Make sure you can roll out with us on Friday! Riders who sport their wristband(s) will be eligible for special prize awards. We're teasing you now, but suffice to say, if you thought last years Skate Decks were cool (and they were), this years stuff is going to make those look like junk yard trash. And these arn't your average blog shirts or random donated bike parts, we'll have those too. These will be one-and-only one shots, available nowhere else! Guaranteed. (So if you still... make it without a wristband, you're getting a new bandana map and some other trinkets you'll dig fo' shu." cause we love riding with ya.)

One the wristbands are gone, that's it... get yours as soon as you can!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Salty Taste In Your Mouth?

If you're into that kinda thing? We'll be handing out biker-meth blue wristbands at the Salt Ghost premier. Make sure you get yourself one if you stop by for a puff and a brew. If you wear one (of any color that we make; pink, blue or piss) on the Wuss Ride and we spot you sporting it, there's bounty to be had.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Puss Out ~ Wuss Yourself In

Check out the OFFICIAL thread on CHOP CULT for the SLAB CITY RIOT 3.
And check out the micro-site for the SLAB CITY RIOT 3.
We'll be mapping out the new route for the Wuss Ride on the 4th in a few weeks, heat or sleet, so stay tuned for updates on Wuss Route info.