Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Good Things must come to and end, but some Bad Things linger... longer than you might care to smell

~ The Pink Wino Wrap Party ~

 We've had our massive wrap party thanks to Dan Collins from Old Gold Garage Co. who provided the Dreamstone. A little red neck BBQ Vienna Snausages H'orderves with some pink wine bitchees. None of this would have been possible had Biltwell not thrown us a green light, and how do you tell retards not to do something they have their mind set on doing when it's near impossible to tell them their right hand from their wrong? So big thanks Biltwell and all the WUSS ARMY regulars and new recruits who ventured on our Second Annual festival de' disgrace! We'll be back when the need arises or the emissions run marathon nocturnal. See you in your dreams ....
The HQ is powering down, but we'll leave the lights on cause we're stupid like that!

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