Monday, May 23, 2011

The First Word

The first announcement for a third installment of everyones favorite Riot came on May 22nd, 2011 from Biltwell Inc. There had been loose rumors and pubescent rumblings, that a return to the original Slab City Riot and the now historical Slab City Riot 2 location was in the works, for an Epic 3rd party!, but until this information was verified, one could only dream.
"We're working on the details, but Slab City 3 is a go. Mark your calendars for Friday night Nov 4th and Saturday nov 5th. We're gonna have movie night on Friday and bands on Saturday. One night was just not quite enough. Yes, there will be a title up for grabs in the Cocktagon, and maybe some other nonsense. Stay tuned..."

And with said voice, a new day has dawned upon those willing to venture into the land of imagination and meth fueled leather skinned tanned by the very radiation soaked from the orbiting sun. The Wuss Ride brought you there before, she shall bring ye' there once again through peril and persistence,  through the belly of the flogging stench, and through the asshole of a fish unto the Slabs.
The WUSS RIDE is resurrected once more.