Sunday, June 26, 2011

Born Wuss

 So WHO did you see wearing a WUSS BAND??? 
What's the least-best way to promote a little known, fan based, ride to a Riot? How about handing out hundreds of (highly collectible) HOT PINK Wussbands to black leather clad bikers, who would stomp you for a cold brewski at a mega-bad ass biker bro down called Born Free 3? And how about making that same message slightly unclear and questionably erotic at the same time? I overheard one of the event sponsors say "Who brought the Retards to the Zoo?" What's that? You were there and didn't see our booth? That's because we Hi-Jacked Booths and kept it rolling as the Security Guards ran us outta there! It became like a Benny Hill show, running all over, in and outta tents and porta-potties. Being chased by lingerie models and guards with billy clubs. Good Fun! Remember, "Keep It Real!" Opps. To all the Veterans and Friends we saw, thanks for the Support! We love you (but not in that way either). To all the rest, we hope to see you in November.