Monday, May 27, 2013

From Bombay Beach to Hazzard County Boiled Peanuts

 Well, you've reached the successful point when you show up somewhere and they ask if you're "on the Wuss Run?" That's exactly what happened at Slab City when from the burner baking in the sun at the entrance (abandoned) guard shack. He said a Lizard told him in a bunk peyote dream to expect us... he also asked for $5., I gave him a t-shirt and a beer.
By the start of the official un-official Wuss Ride 2013, nicknamed the Wuss "Diablo" Ride, we had a solid 18 riders, even if a few of them were by complete chance... or had the same "bright" idea we had.

 Knowing out Beef Jerky Curse (never, under any circumstances travel with ANY beef jerky or you will have break downs and bad luck), the official snack food of the Wuss Ride is Hazzard County Boiled Peanuts (courtesy of Mikey B., from the Gasser Lounge) who had them shipped out especially for this trip.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 Wuss "Diablo" Ride TEAM APPAREL

Behold... the Wuss Turtle RETURNS! 

Team Hazzard Apparel available for all Lady Hump Institue Team Members attending this years El Diablo Run along the Wuss Diablo Ride course... from Redondo Beach, CA. to points South that have not yet been spoken... 
The most excellent Alan Stedman came through again with this events artwork. Lady Hump had a twisted vision (which is always the case) of the official imagry and Stedman made his dreams into a reality, yet agian... because he's one stand up Cat with the ink, you know it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hot Rod Vader

 We're going to practice our Tequila skills on Saturday (May 4th) at The Star Warz de' Mayo Ride and Party at the Gasser Lounge in preparation for this years EDR.
Got to build up some tolerance...
Kit did up a bitchen' Hot Rod Vader for the party.

More info on Chop Cult

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Wuss "Diablo" Ride

We're taking the WUSS ARMY to Mexico for this years El Diablo Run!

There's something we have to decide first. Something very very important. How, exactly, should Wuss Army General KIT shave his beard? That's the question before you! 

You only have until May 20th to Vote!

Vote now ON THE SIDE BAR >>>
... to help Kit decide which style he will cut for the Wuss "Diablo" Ride along the route of the El Diablo Run (EDR5).

Granted, these are some months old pictures, but he's been growing it so it's a whole lot more shaggy now and we'll even (force) him to dye it black if it's not vivid enough when he cuts it.
So VOTE NOW and let's Rock Mexico along the EDR!!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Say Never ...

Coming late May 2013, we'll be dusting off the Unicorns and gearing up for Invasion.
More information as we have it on WUSS 2013, tune in here...