Monday, November 7, 2011

Warner Springs Gas Station ~

I'm going to throw out a big thanks to the Gas Station attendant who allowed 50 plus bikers over a hour or so period, some came, others left, more came, etc. to hang out inside her little shop and dry off and warm up. She didn't have to be as nice as she was and it was really appreciated! We altered the route last minute, nullifying any worth other than sentimental value that the Map-Bandanas held and this was our one and only stop along the new Wuss Route. Just over the half way point I guess. Plus there was a little break in the rain, so it was great. Another massive thanks go out to the guys from Biltwell who showed up for the Wuss Ride and brought along with them enough clear face shields handing them back at the Swing Inn, out to any rider in need, and there were more than a few, ha ha, dozens who later told that the face shield "IT SAVED MY LIFE MAN!!!!" Serious thanks!

1 comment:

  1. The bubble visors worked great! From the pix it looks like I was just starting up the hill about the same time you guys were there. She was great! "put your gloves on the heater." Best damn cup of HOT chocolate I think I ever had in my life!