Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Award Ceremony ~ Saturday Night Nov. 5th at the Mad Dog Theatre, somewhere off the beaten path...

 Last year we made Wuss Skatedecks as Award Prizes to cement in memory a few of the hardy beefy Wuss Riders who attended our first ever non-official ride to last years Slab City Riot 2. The winners last year went to Old Gold / Tiffany for being the only female rider to ride solo the entire route (on half a Sportster no less! Word up!), and to both Wompy and Lucifer who both crashed along the route. This year we figured, NO crashing awards but it gave us the idea to make Award Helmets as something you could hang in your garage or clubhouse just as easy as a skate deck. So what should we paint on them? "How about giant pussies!?" Perfect.
So after a short discussion on the potential candidates for awards this year, MC Kit and myself decided upon the following; The first Pussy Helmet went to two-peat winner Lucifer, because this dude is bad ass. He rode from the South Bay area through the heaviest of rainstorms to the Wuss Ride meeting place, and the entire length of the Wuss Ride (still raining), in nothing but a pair of Dickies Shorts and a Pushead Sweatshirt. Forget the leather, forget the heated rain gauntlets, forget boots. This dude wore low top adidas (or something) WITHOUT SOCKS! We weren't going to the beach! I think he lost both his cell phone, video camera and digital camera due to water damage too. Sorry about that Lucifer but thanks for coming out and NEVER ONCE uttering a negative word about the rain, chill, freezing conditions, visibility lack-there-of, or anything even remotely negative. Stand up, you earned it again!
 The second Award Helmet was more of a "Thanks Helmet" for the silent Wuss partner, Mr. Alan Stedman, the absolutely fantastic artist who takes our childish scribbles and confused ideas and turns them into pure artistic wonderment. You've seen his Dice magazine cover and cut out biker-doll clothing, Wuss Route Maps and Bandanas and our (now vandalized) blog Header, his stuff is top notch. How one pulls gold out of a dead horses ass is beyond me, but this guy can draw like a Mother Wusser'! If you need ART, designs, logos, graphic design, color separation, maps, etc., this is your go to guy. Contact him through his own business HERE: www.alanstedman.com
The second Pussy Helmet went to the entire clan of theInland Empires NEVER-READYS! Ryan Dunns photographs blow me away ever time, but this group of riders amazed us at their show of force presence for the Wuss Ride. Not only did they BBQ for the entire weekend, offer any and all attendees some free grub at all hours of the day or night, offer up other riders without a tent some floor space inside their support trailer (you know, some dudes thought, I'll just throw a blanket on the ground and crash. Not so easy to due in chilly wind!), bring a truck-load of firewood, shared the firewood, but they also took the brunt of the attention from the local law enforcement visitations. The best story was the Sheriff or other(?) who approached them and inquired if they were the Rioter's who were planning on conducting an illegal gambling event over an organized mosh pit with weapons, because they "fit the profile." Jesus, how do you keep a straight face when the Coctagon has become something you "fit the profile" of?
We gave the third and final Helmet Award, the "Gapping Sphinkster" to the Biltwell crew for cancelling the Slab City Riot 3. I don't know for sure, if they did or didn't come up and accept the award. I know, I wouldn't have! But one way or another, it made it into their humble hands. And all kidding aside, Biltwell is the Best, I love them. Thanks Bill, McGoo, and Mike D., for everything that you do, and the sponsors who supported the Slab City Riot even though it transformed into something completely different than expected, but in my opinion better and funner! I'm curious where you'll display your well deserved hard earned award next time I stop by the HQ?
Fits like a charm!
above pic by Johnny No of BarsandBikes blog. He posted up a bunch of Wuss Ride photographs too!
Some unsaid thanks; There's a lot of people who had their fingers in the Wuss Ride cookie jar, and we'd like to thank you for everything you did. This was something that we were doing for fun from the announcement of a third Slab City Riot and as hoped, it was fun. Real fun. Because you participated and joined the Wuss Army! Thanks again, everyone.


  1. So who do I have to blow to get a Wuss Army hat?

  2. Lucifer just don't get cold! Must be nice!

  3. LOL!!! Cool. Shit, thank You and Kit. Was super cool bringing the helmet home. Bad Ass. Oh! and I was wearing PUMA's. I was SOAKED, but was a Great time.