Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Wuss "Diablo" Ride

We're taking the WUSS ARMY to Mexico for this years El Diablo Run!

There's something we have to decide first. Something very very important. How, exactly, should Wuss Army General KIT shave his beard? That's the question before you! 

You only have until May 20th to Vote!

Vote now ON THE SIDE BAR >>>
... to help Kit decide which style he will cut for the Wuss "Diablo" Ride along the route of the El Diablo Run (EDR5).

Granted, these are some months old pictures, but he's been growing it so it's a whole lot more shaggy now and we'll even (force) him to dye it black if it's not vivid enough when he cuts it.
So VOTE NOW and let's Rock Mexico along the EDR!!!!


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  2. Number 7. Looks like a Lincoln/Taliban style

  3. i didnt see it on the chart but i vote for number 9 "the Hitler"