Monday, May 27, 2013

From Bombay Beach to Hazzard County Boiled Peanuts

 Well, you've reached the successful point when you show up somewhere and they ask if you're "on the Wuss Run?" That's exactly what happened at Slab City when from the burner baking in the sun at the entrance (abandoned) guard shack. He said a Lizard told him in a bunk peyote dream to expect us... he also asked for $5., I gave him a t-shirt and a beer.
By the start of the official un-official Wuss Ride 2013, nicknamed the Wuss "Diablo" Ride, we had a solid 18 riders, even if a few of them were by complete chance... or had the same "bright" idea we had.

 Knowing out Beef Jerky Curse (never, under any circumstances travel with ANY beef jerky or you will have break downs and bad luck), the official snack food of the Wuss Ride is Hazzard County Boiled Peanuts (courtesy of Mikey B., from the Gasser Lounge) who had them shipped out especially for this trip.

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